Anti Inflammatory

Shea Butter has been used for decades for rheumatism releif with amazing benefits, which suggests strong anti-inflammatory properties. To test these properties, a study was conducted (A.Tella : Br. J. Clin. Pharmac. 1979 7, 495- 497) using Shea Butter as a nasal decongestant of all things. Since nasal congestion is created by an edema that can be treated by only two mechanisms, vasoconstrictor or anti-inflammatory, and since Shea Butter has not been known to induce vasoconstriction, the effectiveness of Shea Butter as a nasal decongestant would seem to scientifically substantiate what native Africans have known for generations. Its also interesting to note Shea Butter’s affinity to the skin, as mucous membranes are among the body the most sensitive yet can accept Shea Butter with no allergic or adverse reactions.

In a study of severe nasal congestion, Shea Butter is tested on 33 volunteers against conventional nasal drops containing xylomethazoline (as recommended in the British Pharmacopoeia), a placebo and a control.

The study above utilizes only a 5% Shea Butter solution. TruShea is approximately 90% Shea Butter. The only other substantial (more than 1%) ingredient is Jojoba oil. Jojoba is a liquid wax, which like Shea Butter, very closely resembles human sebum and is therefore highly penetrating and moisturizing.Shea Butter also contains a high amount of stigmasterol, a sterol known as the "anti-stiffness factor," which may or may not enhance its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory, but certainly adds to its usefulness as a body and massage balm by loosening sore muscles and joints.

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